How to: Where to invest a good quarter’s extra income

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Where to invest a good quarter’s extra income


When you run a business, it’s easy to get into the routine of promoting your services, get some new contracts, do the work, write the invoices every end of the month, and rinse and repeat. Yet every now and then, you hit jackpot in the form of several good contracts. On months when your profits exceed what you expected, it’s easy to get excited and make plans for future investments for your business.


However, it’s worth remembering that holding on to the cash isn’t a very good plan for the long term, as you’ll lose value through inflation. That’s why when you receive a windfall, it’s a good idea to look for options to invest your cash. Depending on the sum of money and what your future investment plans are, you have several options.


Invest in the stock market

There’s a learning curve for investing in the stock market, but it’s more worth it than not - as many times people get a return on investment. If you’re just starting out, it’s worth having a chat with your bank, as they may give you some starting points or have offerings for their own clients. Another option is to look for professional help, especially if you’re looking to invest a larger sum of money. But at the end of the day, remember to diversify your investments, so you can limit your risk


Invest in property

Deciding to use your windfall for real estate investments comes with several benefits. First, you get to build a stronger net worth. Secondly, you’re opening a new revenue stream in the form of rent payments. Finally, you can leverage a property through a mortgage.


However, it’s worth doing your research before buying any kind of property. Understanding the area you live in, the property pricing trends currently shaping the market, and what it would mean to set up a commercial or domestic property for rent, with the maintenance you’d need to offer, will have significant weight on your buying decision.After all, your bottom line will be to make the investment worth it, not give you problems than gains.


Invest in art or antiques

The value of art and antiques appreciates over time, and in many ways offers a straightforward means on saving up your windfall for a later time. Make sure you learn how to store and care for the pieces you buy, otherwise their value will diminish. And last, but not least, remember that it can take a long time to get an investment return in this area, so don’t choose this option if you’re looking for short-term wins.


Invest in cryptocurrency

In the last couple of years, one of the most popular topics in finance has been cryptocurrency. And while the wins can be amazing, remember that this market has shown a lot of volatility and is still having some regulation gaps. You can choose to either invest in one of the individual coins or invest in a bitcoin farm.


At the end of the day, choose the option that helps your business the most

If you too are a small business owner, it’s very likely that you already have a short list of how you’d use a windfall to invest it back into your business. However, if your windfall hasn’t reached yet your investment needs, or you’re still waiting for the right moment, choose one of the options proposed here to increase your capital and save yourself some finances for a later date.

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