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How to: Trucking Business Debt Relief

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There’s one thing all businesses fear, no matter how small or large, and that’s bankruptcy. And if the road to hell is paved with good intentions, it might as well be said that the road to bankruptcy is paved with debt. And sadly, small businesses, those working in trucking included, face more struggles than bigger businesses...

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Pay Off Business Debt Quickly

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We speak to a lot of small and medium-sized business owners here at Creditors Relief. We get asked a lot of questions. But if we had a nickel for every time someone asked us “How can I get my business out of debt?”, the entire office would have retired already!! It’s perfectly common for small businesses to have debt. That’s why we get asked the question so much! The trouble is, quite a few businesses have more debt than they can handle.  According to research by Experian, small businesses have an average of $195,000 in debt. That’s a lot of debt to pay...

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Merchant Cash Advance Rules

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Every small business owner knows that if they want cash, the bank is probably the last place they should go. It’s not that they’ve suddenly become untrustworthy since the financial crisis (although some do hold that belief).  The real reason is because banks don’t have any interest in lending to small businesses. Banks can’t make enough money from small loans. Small businesses aren’t without a lack of financing options, however. In the wake of the banks’ neglect, alternative lenders have risen to prominence. Offering fast loans for virtually every...

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4 Signs Your Business is in Trouble

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Unless you’re the victim of a crime or a natural disaster, your business probably won’t fail overnight. In all likelihood, the warning signs of failure will have been there for months, possibly even years. It’s your job as an entrepreneur to recognize the symptoms of a failing business and fix them quickly. If you don’t take corrective action as soon as you see the signs, you’re condemning your business to die a slow and painful death. And as the owner, this can also be damaging to you and your family. But when you’re working hard to make a success of your...

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The Complete Guide to Business Debt Relief

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Six strategies you can use to free up cash flow and get immediate business debt relief Business owners wear many different hats and often manage areas of their business that aren’t their core specialty. While many large organizations have dedicated departments filled with experts, most business owners don’t have the luxury of having a customer service representatives, sales and marketing managers, and finance professionals to provide the company with professional business debt management services. Finance professionals who work with business owners understand that debt, when...

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