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Debt Solutions Designed for Businesses
Regardless of size or industry

Creditors Relief offers consulting services that create growth, debt elimination that preserves value, and business alliances that streamline transactions. Our tried and tested methods deliver results like no other, providing business owners with immediate relief from the burden of their business debt.

Types of Business Debt We Can Restructure

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Debts and Industries We Cannot Work With

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Partnerships, Net Branch & ISO Opportunities

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Corporate Solutions


Business Debt Elimination Services

From small- to enterprise-size operations, thousands of business owners have leveraged our industry expertise to improve their bottom line and immediately reduce their total debt.

Small Business

Small businesses don’t always carry small debts. Don’t deal with the headache and frustration of managing your debt alone, count on our experience, and together we can make a significant impact on your debt and quality of life.


Our process enables us to scale our operations and deliver the same positive results regardless of the scope of your business of size of your debt burden. We can reduce your overall debt burden by up to 40% almost immediately.

Other Types of Debt


Business Debt Consulting Services

Most types of business debt can be addressed by our program. However, there are some types of debt that fall outside of our scope of coverage. For these debts, we are happy to connect you with a reputable agency that can provide you with the same level of professionalism you would expect from Creditors Relief. No matter what type of debt your business carries, we want to help you break free.

Secured Debt Advisory

Simply put, secured debt implies that you were provided with an actual physical product in exchange for the amount that was paid. These include debts such as mortgages, car loans, and other types of financing that require a personal guarantee. While dealing with multiple secured loans or credit cards can be difficult, there are still options available for creditors struggling to make ends meet.

Mortgage and Bank Loan Debt

While mortgage debts are most commonly carried by consumers, businesses too can face crippling mortgage payments that hinder their ability to manage their operational costs. While most lenders are willing to work with you if they believe you're acting in good faith and the situation is temporary, many will not.

Grow With Us


Affiliate Office & ISO Opportunities

Merchant Cash Advance providers and other financial institutions that work with businesses look at countless applications each day from businesses that have overextended themselves financially. Maximize your investment by capitalizing on these lost opportunities and build a foundation of trust with future borrowers by providing them with solutions to their debt problems.

ISO Opportunities

Build stronger customer relations and take advantage of leads you can’t approve by offering applicants that can’t be funded due to too many advances the opportunity to restructure their debt in lieu of a denial.

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Affiliate Opportunities

Provide your customers with access to industry-leading debt restructuring solutions backed by the support of our team of experienced debt negotiation professionals.

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Success stories

See what people are saying about our service

Client 10

Even after I have taken advantage of by a previous company, I still tried this one but with hesitation! My rep made me feel comfortable on the very first call! Everyone here went beyond to ease my fears! To top it all off they did EXACTLY what they promised to do! If you are ever caught in these "payday" loans, please give them a call!

Client 9

Creditors Relief saved me $10k

I had been lied to and deceived by a “shark” of a broker who convinced me to take out a loan I couldn’t afford (unbeknownst to me). The daily payments are absolutely ridiculous. They’re purposely designed to drain your cash flow and leave you at bare minimum so you take out more. I would have done better throwing everything on a credit card rather than this loan. These guys came in to save the day in the nick of time and renegotiated my deals and terms of payment to something reasonable. Communication was stellar. Would recommend to anyone who got caught up in the snowball effect of unsecured loans.

Client 8

Had the pleasure of working with Creditors Relief on my working capital loans. That got everything reduced and resolved. When I called if my Creditors Relief Team didn’t answer they would call right back within minutes. I would highly recommend them if you are sucked into one of the crazy payment loans that drain you. 

Client 7

They stay in touch the whole process! It’s really simple, they do what they say. Then sit back and let them do what they are good at! I contacted them just over a month ago about an account I needed help with. It was draining my cash flow daily! I have struggled with making payroll and even buying supplies while being drained hard by this debt. I can tell you it was one of the best calls of my life. They immediately went into action to help me. I was scared, but my Creditors Relief team let me know they were fighting for me and had my back. Follow their instructions and guidance and you will have success too! Guess what? They called the creditor and negotiated while saving my cash $$ flow ASAP. I can finally breath now. Stress relief and comfort. All my fellow business owners know what I’m talking about. You guys won’t regret having them help you either! They did what I could not. I totally recommend them 💯!!

Client 6

I was really bad with this loans that I didn’t know what to do luckily Creditors Relief contacted me telling me some of the best news I’ve ever heard on that day. I really recommend Creditors Relief to anyone and any company that has loans that they can’t handle on their own anymore. They will make sure that your company has money coming in and if you can’t make any payment for any reason just communicate with your team and they will work with you. If you and your business are doing bad because of these loans, please don’t hesitate and call Creditors Relief.  They will help you just like they helped me!

Client 5

In the midst of startup, my company got behind in our AP, and had no cash resources. We were offered MCA loans from several lenders and took these loans. Unfortunately, at the time we did not understand how predatory these loans are, nearly impossible to payoff. When you calculate the actual APR, it violates usury laws, but these lenders aren't regulated. I contacted Creditors Relief. Creditors Relief Staff jumped in and settled these debts for me rapidly and with a new savings. Thank you, Creditors Relief!

Client 4

Debt is such an incredible burden. I was feeling that pressure when I turned to Creditors relief. Creditors Relief Staff was calm when I was freaking out and they worked with me when I had no money to pay. In the long run I was able to get some incredible settlements and pay off all my obligations. I have to say that if it weren't for Creditors Relief, I would have quit the entire thing and went bankrupt. It really helps when someone understands the pressures of a business owner, because they were able to help me through some tough times with their incredible calm nature. Glad to be free!! Thank you, Creditors Relief,

Client 3

I started this journey in January of 2020 and with the help of Creditors Relief, who help me during the pandemic where we didn’t think we were going to survive and might have to shut down, but we stuck with it and finally made our last payment after just a little over a year. Highly recommended. Creditors Relief saved us over 35% of our debt. I will be forever thankful for his help and doing what he says he is going to do.

Client 2

I LOVE this company! They helped me save our business more than once. Creditors Relief has gone above and beyond to help negotiate for our company. I am beyond grateful for all he has done and continues to do for us! HIGHLY recommended! Always there for you and super-fast timing! XO

Client 1

I was in a very tough spot when Covid hit. I turned to Creditors relief to see if they could help. They did. In a very big way. I was able to reduce my debt load by 75% for over 15 months. During that time, they kept the wolves at bay, and I was able to pay a reduced amount to the creditor when I was back on my feet. They were instrumental in saving my business from certain closure.

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