News Roundup for Small Businesses: Issue 10, April 10th

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This tax season for small business is a bundle of mixed feelings


News Roundup for SMBs is a new series we’ve started this year, with a new issue coming out every week. We’re putting together news regarding Finance, Economy and Small Business Opportunities, so you can spend less time reading up on the news and more time focusing on growing your business.

This tax season for small business is a bundle of mixed feelings:
Disappointing refunds, higher prep fees, mass confusion

When last year the new tax laws were announced, there were positive reactions in the opportunities small businesses saw in saving money. Yet the reality of the current tax season has not been as positive. Small business owners expecting significant returns this year instead saw little to none. They also ended up paying their accountants more in order to respond to the complexities created by the tax law.

BlueVine Expands Working Capital Solutions to Fuel Small Business Growth

BlueVine, the online lender for small and medium-sized businesses, announced it’s adding term loan financing options through their suite of online financing solutions. Through the BlueVine Term Loan, the company provides small- and medium-sized businesses fast and simple access to financing options, in order to grow their business or pursue larger projects.


Kabbage closes $700M asset-backed securitization for small business lending

Kabbage Inc. raised $700 million in what it called the largest asset-backed securitization for an online lending platform for small businesses.  Up til now, the company has helped 170,000 small businesses borrow $6.5 billion in loans using data automation to analyze business transactions and render a decision in minutes.


For Some Small Businesses, Instagram Has Replaced Word-of-mouth

Instagram has become the digital version of word-of-mouth promotion for small businesses. In this story, the Verge walks us through the work and experience of Jarema Osofsky in setting up a potted plant business from her apartment in New York.


7 Tips to Track Mileage and Expenses for Your Small Business

If your small business is struggling with keeping up with tracking mileage and expenses for your small business, this useful list will come in handy. Both to make the day-to-day work of mileage and expense tracking easier, and to give you opportunities to improve your cash flow and prepare for the future.

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