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Mistakes Business Owners Make With Their Finances

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Running a business is tough. That’s probably why, according to Bloomberg research studies, 80% of businesses fail within the first 18 months.1 It’s a shocking stat, and one of the biggest causes of failure is financial mismanagement by owners.  The unfortunate reality is – even if you do go to school for entrepreneurship – business finance problems and solutions aren’t emphasized enough. Even if you don’t go to business school, a quick Google search for “entrepreneurship” demonstrates the most-popular keywords associated with the topic of...

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Business Financing Options You Haven’t Thought of Yet

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Securing financing for your business is tough. It always has been for small businesses.  According to Wells Fargo, 77% of small businesses rely on personal savings for initial funding.  But it should get easier once you’ve been in business for several years, right? Not necessarily. The National Small Business Association surveyed its members and found that 27% of them still weren’t able to get the funding they needed. Without necessary cash infusions, small businesses could be in trouble. This is particularly a problem for small businesses that need a loan to buy or...

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