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6 Things to remember when you’re looking to rent a commercial space

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Moving house is never a fun experience, but it becomes even more of a stressful event when you’re looking for a new space for your business. This may happen because you’re current space is changing owners, you need to move to cut costs, or  (hopefully) you’re looking to expand. It’s also true...

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How can an mca affect my business cash flow?

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Small business owners in need of a short-term business loan or quick and easy financing frequently turn to a loan vehicle called a merchant cash advance, without fully understanding how a merchant cash advance can affect their cash flow. Effect on Cash Flow Merchant cash advance payback schemes have the potential to put significant pressure on the daily cash flow of a business. The daily payback of a merchant cash advance can range from low (around 10% of business receipts) to significant (up to 50% of business receipts). When the payback requirement on daily receipts of $5,000 is at a...

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